One bad apple...!

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When I worked in a marketing agency we had a brief to promote the difference between one insurance offer and another. Highlighting the difference between what effectively seems the same cover is a typical problem. The brand owners have to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Amongst many graphic illustrations presented was a lovely shot of a large, beautifully formed delicious apple. Utterly desirable. Until viewing the other half of the apple. It was half eaten, dried out, brown and riddled with maggots. Frankly, it turned the stomach.

I loved the imagery. That is what insurance is when you get down to the bones of it. Brilliantly presented and fit for purpose on the outside but you need to look around the back and peek inside to see if it really is as desirable as originally thought.

Life insurance, car insurance, home insurance. In today’s market, only the naïve take the policy on offer on how good it looks.

Is procurement just ticking the box?

To ensure that you and your business are not exposed to risk by your suppliers you should undertake a regular audit of their knowledge and, importantly, their know-how. Don't assume they are compliant just because they appear to be.

How to ensure your suppliers are compliant.

Take the necessary steps to ensure those suppliers that work with you have sufficient skills and knowledge to do the job safely and without risks to health & safety, or data protection and so on. Clearly, the degree of competence required will depend on the work to be done.

Event Training

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