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Out of sight. Out of mind!

Ignoring the rules
In my previous business we used to organise as many as 15 events a week. As you'd expect, I trusted my employees to undertake their event management role in a professional and legal manner. What I didn't know, and what isn’t known by any employer, is whilst colleagues are out of sight are they taking risks. There is always time pressure to get the event set-up (or de-rigged). There is sometimes an external persuasive third party who can affect pre-agreed plans.

And by third party I mean client. And of course, client can mean a more senior colleague. It is unlikely that any other third party would have the `power’ to alter pre-agreed plans – unless of course they were the `law’.

So how do you ensure that just because your colleagues are out of sight, that they don’t go out of their mind and take risky shortcuts to save themselves time or to appease the client.

Here are 5 points to ponder.

Fire walkers and tree climbers

Man on fire
Why is it that one man is allowed to walk through fire and another is not allowed to climb a tree? Are there some people that have special authority to do whatever they like whilst others are restricted? Or do they sign indemnity forms meaning they can do anything they want as long as they accept it is their fault if it goes wrong? Or perhaps they have found the loopholes in our health & safety laws?

I watched a brilliant science documentary on the TV a while ago. The reporter wanted to show what it was like in the middle of a fire. So he put on a firesuit – it looked like a 1960’s moon suit – and walked, with his camera, through a tunnel of fire.

Is procurement just ticking the box?

To ensure that you and your business are not exposed to risk by your suppliers you should undertake a regular audit of their knowledge and, importantly, their know-how. Don't assume they are compliant just because they appear to be.

How to ensure your suppliers are compliant.

Take the necessary steps to ensure those suppliers that work with you have sufficient skills and knowledge to do the job safely and without risks to health & safety, or data protection and so on. Clearly, the degree of competence required will depend on the work to be done.

Every picture tells a story!

Risk ident
Or does it? Communication is a cornerstone of business, society, life in general. It is ridiculously easy to miscommunicate a message... or to promote a message in a way that will only benefit particular groups or individuals.

Amongst the many “hurt at work?” ads on the TV, there is one that grates. A workman installs an alarm system, and states that he was “given the wrong type of ladder” to do his job. The picture shows a wooden ladder leaning against the wall with said workman standing at the top, and about to use an electric drill. The next image is ladder and drill and workman in a crumpled heap on the floor. Finally, recovered from his ordeal, the workman is clutching a cheque in payment for his injuries received. Job done.

Event Training

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