Guilty! Unless innocence is proven.

Man in handcuffs
You are guilty - unless you can prove you are innocent. It is a fact of business life. And in business, it is the paper-trail that is going to help you prove your innocence. Disregard the paperwork, fail to complete it properly or at all, or consider it an irrelevance and you may find yourself being unable to defend your actions. This is equally true when planning events.

If something happens at your event it is a guarantee that you will be asked for the paperwork to prove it was not your fault. Even if you swear it was not your fault, you will have to prove it. You will be asked to prove that certain conversations took place. That the budget allocation was agreed. That you undertook risk assessments, agreed insurance requirements, vetted suppliers, responded appropriately regarding disability discrimination and so on. If you are lucky you will only have to prove it to your board of Directors. If unlucky, you will have to prove it in a law court.

Event Training

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