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Is procurement just ticking the box?

To ensure that you and your business are not exposed to risk by your suppliers you should undertake a regular audit of their knowledge and, importantly, their know-how. Don't assume they are compliant just because they appear to be.

How to ensure your suppliers are compliant.

Take the necessary steps to ensure those suppliers that work with you have sufficient skills and knowledge to do the job safely and without risks to health & safety, or data protection and so on. Clearly, the degree of competence required will depend on the work to be done.

What's the worst that can happen?

Mad man
We are often asked what the worst case scenario is when planning events. Many people see event problems as being logistical or planning. Badges missing, awful food, a/v breaks down. Problematical, yes. But not devastating. Serious injury or death. That is devastating.

There are three companies from Gloucestershire due to go to court because a man died from electrocution whilst working on a marquee. The inquest jury concluded that he died “as a direct result of a succession of failures”. The businesses involved must now answer for their actions, or to be more accurate, for their 'inaction'.

Event Training

We call it the Knowledge Audit. Critical must-know information when planning and managing events. A training course. An assessment tool. A knowledge audit. If you're not sure what you don't know then this will probably be the best training investment you have ever made. Priced from £25.  Find out more »

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