FE25 Freelance & Self-Employed Audit


If you work as a Freelance or Self-Employed event manager, your responsibility to comply with current legislation is no different to that of your client. Your commissioning client will have expectations of your planning, creative and budgetary skills.

Your client will also expect you to be appropriately informed on current legislation and know how to apply that legislation to their event. 

Your client will expect you to comply with their own policies in terms of corporate responsibility.

Your client will expect you - as the expert - to point out gaps or failures in their process.

Your client will expect you to appropriately manage their suppliers on their behalf.

Your client will expect you to manage your event in such a way that they are protected should an unforeseen incident or accident occur.

One of the ways you can provide this protection is to ensure that you (and therefore your client) comply with legislation that directly affects event planning.

Take the FE25 Freelance & Self-Employed Audit. Keep informed and up-to-date with legislation. Ensure that you not only have the knowledge but you know how and when to apply the legislation. And you know what you need to ask of your client in order to protect them and yourself.

The FE25 Freelance & Self-Employed Audit has been developed specifically for those individuals who operate as such within the event management industry. These laws apply whether you work in roadshows, conference and meetings, experiential, sports, charity, hospitality or any other types of events.

Invest in yourself and enjoy the rewards of being an authority in event management.

Take the FE25 Freelance & Self-Employed Audit for only £25.

Price: £25.00

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