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emergency vehicles
05/05/2011 by Anonymous

A policy worth fighting for? Most organisations have a 'violence at work' policy in place. The narrative will be clear. The employer will not accept nor condone any form of assault or intimidation or behaviour of that ilk. Those found guilty of such behaviour will be dealt with severely and immediately. Violence at work can mean physical, verbal and mental abuse or assault including bullying. It can also include a perceived threat. Read more »

Article Image
16/02/2011 by Anonymous

When I worked in a marketing agency we had a brief to promote the difference between one insurance offer and another. Highlighting the difference between what effectively seems the same cover is a typical problem. The brand owners have to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Amongst many graphic illustrations presented was a lovely shot of a large, beautifully formed delicious apple. Utterly desirable. Until viewing the other half of the apple. It was half eaten, dried out, brown and riddled with maggots. Frankly, it turned the stomach. Read more »

10/09/2010 by Anonymous

You don’t buy car insurance because you think you are going to crash your car ! a) You buy it because someone else may crash into you. (b) Or your car may be damaged whilst it is parked. (c) Or it may be stolen by someone who has little respect for your property. (d) And because it's the law. Read more »

Ignoring the rules
05/08/2010 by Anonymous

In my previous business we used to organise as many as 15 events a week. As you'd expect, I trusted my employees to undertake their event management role in a professional and legal manner. What I didn't know, and what isn’t known by any employer, is whilst colleagues are out of sight are they taking risks. There is always time pressure to get the event set-up (or de-rigged). There is sometimes an external persuasive third party who can affect pre-agreed plans. Read more »

Man on fire
05/07/2010 by Anonymous

Why is it that one man is allowed to walk through fire and another is not allowed to climb a tree? Are there some people that have special authority to do whatever they like whilst others are restricted? Or do they sign indemnity forms meaning they can do anything they want as long as they accept it is their fault if it goes wrong? Or perhaps they have found the loopholes in our health & safety laws? Read more »

Man in handcuffs
28/06/2010 by Anonymous

You are guilty - unless you can prove you are innocent. It is a fact of business life. And in business, it is the paper-trail that is going to help you prove your innocence. Disregard the paperwork, fail to complete it properly or at all, or consider it an irrelevance and you may find yourself being unable to defend your actions. This is equally true when planning events. Read more »

Event Training

We call it the Knowledge Audit. Critical must-know information when planning and managing events. A training course. An assessment tool. A knowledge audit. If you're not sure what you don't know then this will probably be the best training investment you have ever made. Priced from £25.  Find out more »

Supplier review?

Mad woman

If you handle hundreds of events every year and employ numerous agencies, either under contract or ad-hoc, it may be time to undertake a risk review with your suppliers.

Responsibility and liability is often shared and certainly cannot be transferred - even by contract - particularly if the matter falls under criminal law.

Your suppliers. Your duty of care.

Interested to hear more. Contact us or read more about our assessment.

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How do I purchase a Knowledge Audit?

Visit Knowledge Audit under Products & Services and follow the links for the Audit that relates closest to your job and responsibilities. We will need some personal information before you start, but be assured that this information will only ever be used by Relevant Risk.