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How Tos

06/06/2011 by Anonymous

I get asked this a lot by event professionals. Mostly, they are asking in relation to a H&S risk assessment. It is important to state that an experienced event manager will not only create a H&S risk assessment but they will also incorporate financial, organizational, administrative and reputational risk into their planning. Read more »

All hands in together
01/05/2011 by Anonymous

We asked Penny Melville-Brown of Disability Dynamics to provide some tips on how to plan an inclusive event. Penny formed Disability Dynamics in 2000 following a career as a naval criminal barrister and Commander until the onset of visual impairment. Her business provides diversity training at every level - for strategic decision makers through the line managers to front-line teams. Read more »

Row of golf bags
04/08/2010 by Anonymous

It may seem ridiculously simple. It is, after all, just a game between like-minded individuals. But the fact is you will be inviting your clients, colleagues and suppliers. If one of these invited guests is injured at your event, they may pursue your business, or another of your guests for compensation – or both. If you do not have the policies and paperwork in place to show that you have done all that is reasonably practicable in protecting your guests at your event, the claim for compensation could be very high. A court case in April 1998 paid out £87,000 for a head injury. According to Golfplan Insurance, 12,000 injuries a year are recorded. 3,530 are head injuries. Read more »

05/07/2010 by Anonymous

To ensure that you and your business are not exposed to risk by your suppliers you should undertake a regular audit of their knowledge and, importantly, their know-how. Don't assume they are compliant just because they appear to be. Read more »

Stop now hand signal.
28/06/2010 by Anonymous

So you don’t actually want to shoot someone out of a cannon but if you plan things properly you could. It’s the planning part that the authorities will be looking for if it goes wrong. Not whether the concept was appropriate. Read more »

Event Training

We call it the Knowledge Audit. Critical must-know information when planning and managing events. A training course. An assessment tool. A knowledge audit. If you're not sure what you don't know then this will probably be the best training investment you have ever made. Priced from £25.  Find out more »

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