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The conference and events business is worth £18.8billion to the UK economy according to Eventia's 2010 UK Events Market Trends Survey (UKEMTS) published in July 2010.
Source: www.eventmagazine.co.uk

Relevant Risk will be striving to put together useable statistics that will help employers and employees better understand the very nature of the industry and the knowledge within. The statistics outlined here show employee understanding of risk and have been created from the audits and assessments undertaken with our clients during a 18 month period. These include in-house teams, agencies and suppliers - and all work within events. These statistics should not be taken as a guideline for the whole industry.


“We took risk, we knew we took them; things have come out against us,
and therefore we have no cause for complaint.”
‘The Last Message’ in Scott’s Last Expedition (1913)


Head of / Director statistics

28% of businesses were not registered with ICO. (Data Protection).

16% of agencies were trading without adequate insurance.

31% had no policy regarding reporting of accidents and incidents (either RIDDOR-related or company-related). 

78% assumed they could `opt-out’ of working time regulations. 

90% had no policy for event managers to deal with “alcohol-related’ incidents at events. 

Event manager / executive statistics

63% assume but never check whether copyright and other licenses have been purchased for their event. 

83% never assess new or single-use suppliers for adequate insurance cover. 

71% use cleaning substances at event but have never heard of COSHH. 

50% are unaware of ever having been assessed for PPE. 

85% were unaware of their suppliers’ responsibilities regarding data protection. 

85% assumed risk assessments were someone else’s responsibility. 

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